24-7 Service Street is our motto – for the convenience of our clients.


Meet Nathan Trahern, EFA’s Service Manager.

He is the voice on the other end of the phone in the event of an emergency or a simple maintenance call. Nathan has 12 years experience with EFA. Call Nathan today – no job is too small!

Trust – Our clients know we have their best interests in mind. We will take care of any job they have, and we will get it right.”

Types of maintenance services we provide:

Here a few examples of how our 24/7 Service Street team met the challenge:

– Checkstand repairs
– ADA upgrades including custom signage
– Health department issues
– “To Do List” of repairs
– Doors and window repairs
– Painting

– Roof leaks
– Plumbing repairs
– Car strikes
– Parking lot resurfacing
– Millwork and casework repairs


Rotted Subfloor – Piedmont, CA

A popular grocery store in Piedmont was experiencing issues with their floor in the wine aisle. EFA soon discovered the sub-floor was completely rotted out due to lack of air movement. Over the course of two nights, EFA barricaded the area, protected the store’s merchandise and replaced the sub-floor. Work was completed a day earlier than the grocery store scheduled.


Roof Failure – Chico, CA

The phone rang on a 3-day holiday weekend. The roof structure of a grocery store in Chico failed at the main glu-lam beam that runs through the center of the store. With it, the ceiling on the sales floor collapsed below. Within hours, the service team at EFA was on-site with temporary shoring and protection for the store. Over the next several weeks, EFA rebuilt the roof structure and restored the supermarket to its formal glory.


Occupy Protest – San Francisco, CA

As the Occupy protestors gathered on rainy day in downtown San Francisco, three Wells Fargo Bank buildings were focus of the protest. Wells Fargo called in EFA’s service team to protect their storefronts and buildings. Within hours, temporary barricades were installed.
“Your crew performed flawlessly in the face of many challenges. Although I am sure they were cold, tired and hungry, I did not hear one word of complaint. Their attitudes from beginning to end were impressive. Please let me know who I can write to let them know how great you + your team pulled this off. Thanks again.”

Ed Broome,V.P.
Retail Property Management
Wells Fargo


Car Strike – El Cerrito, CA

An unfortunately common occurrence at shopping centers are car strikes – the event where a car drives into the front of a store. Here is an example of a car running into the sign tower of a grocery store in El Cerrito, CA. EFA was called to action and within hours, the debris was removed and the area cleaned.