We work with numerous architects and engineers to facilitate and ease project development with our clients.

New Construction

Our experience in ground-up construction ranges from

• Tilt-up
• Metal Buildings
• Site Construction

Tenant Improvements

Our experience in tenant improvements includes full build-outs of interior spaces, ranging from 500 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft. We work with developers and shell contractors to facilitate completion of the entire project.

Commercial Remodeling – Open Business Remodels

Closing your business down for construction is not an option. The doors must remain open and sales cannot be affected. At EFA, we understand this. We understand that cleanliness, safety and courtesy are most important to your customers. Who in turn, will continue to visit your business amidst during a construction project.

Our carpenters, superintendents and our project managers all understand how critical the happiness of your customers is to your business.

How do we ensure this?

– EFA works at night at no extra charge to the client
– Temporary barricades are installed around our area of work.
– Departments are temporarily relocated – never shutdown.



Small Projects

Not every client needs a major remodel or TI.
That’s where our small projects group comes in.
We handle every step of the way, including Design and Build.

Here is an example of a recent small project we completed at a grocery store in San Jose, CA.

To deter shoplifting, new railings, turnstiles and gates were installed at a side entrance. EFA provided design, permitting services and installation of the new railing.